Places of Interest

Littledean is a rural parish has several places of interest.

WILLIAM BLACKBURN WAS THE LEADING prison architect of his time. As a 32-year-old he won first prize in a contest sponsored by the Commissioners for Penitentiary Houses for new prison designs. Over the next eight years Blackburn would design and alter many of the jails in England, including the Littledean Jail. Blackburn died when he was only 40, and Littledean was one of his last designs, one of the “most up-to-date, revolutionary houses of correction” of its time.

The first person to be held at Littledean was a 19-year-old laborer who was charged with stealing a spade. Eventually the prison would hold those charged with murder, arson, and prostitution. Some of its inhabitants included children as young as eight years old, and the last woman to be tried for “witchcraft” in Gloucestershire. (She was acquitted, but spent the time of the trial in the jail.)

Converted first to a police station and stables, used as the set of the Hammer Horror film House of Whipcord, and later as a storage facility. In 2003 the 200-year-old prison was bought by current owner Andy Jones, who has turned the Jail into a crime museum.

Littledean Hall is a country house in the village of Littledean, Gloucestershire, England. It is has been described as one of the most haunted houses in England and is thought to be the oldest house in the United Kingdom which is still occupied. Saxon and Celtic remains have been uncovered in the cellars.

It is a Grade II listed building situated on Newnham Road, Littledean.

Brayne Court is a Grade II listed building situated off Broad street, Littledean.

The history of the house and garden are very interesting and both are said to be haunted.

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